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Get wall hangers of you and your favorite ride!

We all love our rides. Make them the center of attention by hanging a studio produced image on your wall. We’ve created a few photo packages to help with every budget.

Short ‘n Sweet — One framed 8×12 print

This is our simplest and least expensive package which includes one framed 8×12 print of your ride in a classic profile shot. As its name implies this is a simple and quick photoshoot. We roll your bike onto the stage, take the shot and you’re on your way. A few days later you receive your wall hanger featuring a cool profile of your loved ride!


Basic = Two framed 8×12 prints.

The Basic package adds a portrait of you and your ride together. Also in this package we add another view of your ride to choose your wall hanger from.

L14A0655-2381-2396  — OR –  L14A0655-2381




Standard = Three framed 8×12 prints

In the Standard package we add another angle of your ride for a total of three angles from which you can choose 2 framed 8×12 wall hangers.

L14A0655-2381-2396-2400     – OR —  L14A0655-2381-2396-2402  – OR —   L14A0655-2381-2396-2404
We also add another view of you and your ride to chose your portrait from for a total of 3 framed prints — two of your bike and one of you with your bike!

L14A0655-2381-2383-2385-2387-2389-2391-2398-2408  – OR –  L14A0655-2381-2383-2385-2387-2389-2391-2398-2406

Detailed = Adds a framed 12×18 collage.

In the Detailed package we go wild to capture views from as many as 8 angles of your ride. This is a magazine quality photo shoot of your ride.

We also get up and close to capture detail shots of as much of the custom bling you’ve added to your ride as we can.


We also get a little high to capture overhead angles for a dramatic view of your ride.


And, we add another view for you to choose your portrait image from.

To top it off you get a collage of as many as 7 images you chose from your photo shoot in a framed 12×18 print.

That’s a total of 2 framed 8×12 prints of your ride to hang on the wall, 1 framed 8×12 print of you and your ride and as many as 7 images you select arranged in a framed 12×18 print for you to show off the custom details you’ve added to your ride.

More people in your portrait

For a small additional fee you can have as many as 4 people in your portrait images.


Don’t See What You Want?

Contact us and talk about it. We’re sure we can work out a package that’ll make you smile.